The runners Christmas hamper

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The Christmas present for the running fanatic in your life...

The ideal gift to enhance both performance and recovery.

Using products from our exclusive QM Sports range you will be gifting someone products used by a host of world class athletes.

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QM Muscle Massage Roll-on lotion is specifically designed to provide targeted, warming relief to help ease tight, knotted muscles through heat therapy x1


QM warming massage cream, to penetrate deep into the muscle during massage, can be used pre or post-exercise Ideal for use in weather conditions between 5 and 20° c


QM Pre Sports Energizing Oil is a great muscle energising oil for use before exercise.  The combination of black pepper, pine and mint gives a light warming, relaxing effect and aids good circulation.


QM Recuperation Oil This product has exceptional properties in removing waste products from the muscles after exercise and soothes and refreshes by the influence of essential oils such as anise, lavender and cypress in a cold-pressed base oil.