KM Zinc Oxide Sports rigid Strapping Tapes

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100% Cotton Zinc Oxide Sports Strapping tape.

A rigid, adhesive tape used to strap up joints to help prevent Sporting Injuries. Ideal tape for use in Rugby, GAA, Boxing, MMA, Tennis, or any other high impact sports.We have conducted research and testing with world class athletes and have partnered with an exceptional Manufacturer to bring you a market-leading Zinc Oxide Tape at an unbeatable price. We understand the Tapes we sell because we use them in our daily practice.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Strong adhesive with smooth unraveling
  • A tight weave gives strength
  • Easily & quickly torn easily by hand
  • Ideal for support and protection
  • Super-strong adhesion
  • Minimally porous surface allows moisture to be removed


We understand you need to have a tape you can depend on in all weather conditions, a tape that does not come away from the shin easily, but is easily tear-able and super-quick to apply even during a break in play.  

We have combined these requirements and have developed a super-strong, durable, easily tearable, highly adhesive strapping tape.