Speed Training Parachute Shuttle

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The kascelmed Speed Training Parachute is a tool for speed and endurance training. Get more powerful leg drive, acceleration. It works simply - catching the wind to create resistance making the athlete work harder to make progress.

Through parachute training athletes will develop increased take-off power and muscle strength, improving stride length and running form.

The Precision training parachute is a must for athletes who want to increase speed and endurance.

How it works

Parachute training involves a lightweight parachute being tied to the back of a player by harness to add resistance and drag. The level of drag the parachute produces can be adjusted by sliding the resistance adjuster up or down.

Use it when sprinting, to help increase muscular endurance, improve stamina, and acceleration.

Key features
  • Adjustable 2-inch heavy-duty nylon belt is fully adjustable and will comfortably fit almost any athlete. The belt rotates 360° and has a free motion ring, meaning athletes can make a linear or parallel start
  • Quick-release belt buckle allows athletes to train in acceleration bursts.
  • Stores easily in an included training bag.
  • A built-in mesh panel helps to stabilise during training, preventing the cords from tangling.