Premium QM Muscle Recuperation Massage Oil

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QM Post-Sport Massage Oil is a relaxing and Recuperating Oil for use after activity.

Created to relax aching body parts post-workout, our Recuperation Massage Oil is perfect for working away knots and strains and helping speed your recovery.

Whether you intend hitting it hard on your Bike, at the Gym or on the Pitch – Tender Muscles will be satisfying testimony that you’ve pushed your body to its limits! You owe it to yourself to warm down properly!

How it works
  • Natural ingredients like Rosemary & Lavender Extract, support the release of tension through a mild warming sensation, whilst Geranium oil supports in  helping your skin feel more supple afterwards.
  • In conjunction with massage the oil stimulates blood circulation in the muscles to help aid and speed recovery after competition or training.
When to use
  • Post-Activity to stimulate blood circulation in the muscles, to aid recovery.
  • The oils have a really pleasant relaxing scent ideal for regular massages.
How to use
Simply drizzle over the body part and knead with a mild to moderate pressure. QM oils can be used in combination with massage creams as a base layer