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Ankle sprain strengthening balance cushion

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The kascelmed balance cushion is a massage accessory ideal for use when sitting for prolonged periods - helping to relieve back pain & support correct posture. Massage points on the surface stimulate blood circulation and help release muscle tension.

Sitting on the cushion serves to exercise deep stabilizer muscles helping to improve your coordination and core strength.

  • Use it at home, at work or even while you are travelling
  • Customise to your needs - by inflating or deflating the cushion, you can control its rigidity.
  • Constructed from a strong and highly durable rubber
  • Knobbed massage surface
  • Easily inflated & deflated with the pump and needle adaptor (included)

Product size: Diameter: 33 cm, Height: 4 cm, Weight: 0.83 kg, Weight limit: 120 kg

Use the Balance Disc as a training aid to improve balance and coordination whilst standing. The disc is particularly effective for working on core and lower body strength and it is also recommended for use in stabilising and strengthening muscles and joints, especially ankles and knees.

Place the stability cushion on a chair and sit on the small dimpled side to improve posture, prevent slouching, strengthen core abdominal muscles and help reduce back pain. The shape of the balance cushion forces the user to actively work the back’s supporting muscles in order to remain stable thus encouraging ‘active sitting’ whilst remaining comfortable.

The wobble cushion is widely recommended for use by children with ADHD. The dimpled surface activates sensory perception whilst the ‘active sitting’ exercises are thought to stimulate and strengthen those areas of the brain responsible for learning and attention span in young sufferers.

The Balance Cushion is also often recommended for use during post-natal care.

Designed with functionality and practicality in mind, the cushion combines the benefits of a seated cushion, a balance board and a gym ball all in one!

The stability disc is easy to inflate and comes with a pump included. Its portable design makes it ideal for use at home, school, office or gym.