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PreTape Underwrap Natural/Beige 7cm x 27m

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Pre-taping underwrap applied before any taping technique for comfort and reduction of tape irritation. Water resistant. 7cm x 27m.

Designed to protect the skin and prevent irritation - it forms a protective barrier protecting the skin from tape friction and chafing.  

Before applying adhesives tapes it’s advisable to protect the skin of the patient or athlete, especially if they have sensitive skin. Due to that need, this product is used as a pre-taping underwrap, both for preventive and therapeutic reasons.

Main Uses
  • Protective barrier protecting the skin from tape friction and chafing in all functional strapping and taping applications.  
  • A barrier between the skin and ice applications
  • Locks shin pads, socks and ice packs in place.
  • Protective barrier inside athletic footwear. 
  • Good adhesion between tape layers to reduce sliding and wrinkling.
  • Doesn’t stick to the skin, hair or clothing
  • Lightweight, smooth and comfortable material.
  • Stretchable: easy to apply, adaptable and highly conformable
  • Porous and water resistant
  • Hand-tearable.
  • Beige/ Natural Colour
  • Can be worn up to 3 days.
  • 7cm x 27.5metres per roll.