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Bring your home workout to the next level with one of our home workout packs.

We will share a tailored free home workout video guide with you after you order so you can make the most of each item in the pack you've purchased. The workout video guides have been designed by our resident S&C qualified expert.

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Body fat caliper -  Our skinfold caliper is designed for skinfold thickness measurements allowing you easily calculate your body fat percentage and measure your progress.  Calipers are the most accurate method to measure your body fat - far more accurate than any other fat test or body composition test (scales etc.) – old skool is best!

Balance cushion - Ideal for rehabilitation exercises and improving posture. Make your workout that little bit harder by deflating the cushion slightly. Less air increases the difficulty as the cushion becomes soft and unstable.

Speed parachute - For speed and endurance training. Get more powerful leg drive, acceleration. It works simply - catching the wind to create resistance making the athlete work harder to make progress. simple!

Wobble Board - One of the most versatile pieces of home equipment, do pushups, improve balance and ankle strength amongst many others. 

Energising Oil Rub  Use before exercise to support your warm-up and promote suppleness. Natural ingredients Black Pepper, Pine and Mint give a light warming effect, energise and aid good circulation. Simply drizzle over the body part and knead with a mild to moderate pressure. 

Set of 5 x Professional Resistance Bands (Xtra-light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Xtra-heavy). Each band offers a different level of resistance making it possible to work muscles throughout the whole body progressively and safely. Use one band or multiple bands together to provide the right level of resistance.

Muscle Massage Roll-on lotion Specifically designed to provide targeted warming relief to help ease tight, knotted muscles through heat therapy.  Really effective in helping to relieve cramped muscles.

Post-Sport Massage Oil is a relaxing and Recuperating Oil for use after activity.
perfect for working away knots and strains and helping speed your recovery. You owe it to yourself to warm down properly!

Starter Home workout pack Advanced Home workout pack Pro workout pack
Pack of 5 resistance bands Pack of 5 resistance bands Pack of 5 resistance bands
Speed Training Parachute Shuttle Speed Training Parachute Shuttle
Speed Training Parachute Shuttle
wobble board wobble board wobble board
Premium QM Pre-sport Muscle Energizing Massage Oil 100ml Premium QM Pre-sport Muscle Energizing Massage Oil 100ml
Pre-sport Muscle Energizing Massage Oil 100ml
body fat skin fold calipers Aloe Gel Roll-on 100ml
Muscle Recuperation Massage Oil 100ml
Balance Cushion