Acumobility Ball – Level 1.

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The Acumobility Ball is the most innovative and effective mobility tool ever made!

They are not cheap, but will they will last a lifetime - invest in your mobility.


The Acumobility ball is the first and only flat based trigger point ball specifically made for active mobility!  A technique where you put the muscle through its full range of motion as the ball stays in place on a specific trigger point, for a deep and effective release.  The stable platform and tacky texture allows you to use the ball on any floor or wall surface so you can take your mobility anywhere you go.  This all in one mobility and stability ball can be used for upper body strength exercises like push-ups and planks.  It is also perfect for self massage and getting into all the hard to reach spots.


The Level 1 Ball is for MODERATE-DEEP Trigger Point Release.  The Level 1 Ball is less dense than a lacrosse ball.  If you are new to mobility exercises, only do mobility work infrequently, or have a lot of aches and pains – then the Level 1 ball is right for you.  If you are a trainer and want a ball that will work with the majority of your clients then get the Level 1 Ball

The Level 2 Ball is for VERY DEEP Trigger Point Release.  If you regularly do mobility work with a lacrosse ball and tolerate that pressure well or want even more pressure then the Level 2 ball is right for you.

*More is not better when it comes to trigger point release.  If the pressure of the ball is so hard that your entire body tightness and spasms over it then it will not allow you to release those trigger points, thus making the exercise ineffective.  So make sure to get the right density for you and work your way up from there!


We recommend getting two Acumobility balls of the same density so that you can work on the entire back and neck.  Trust us your back will thank you!  You can also use two balls to do our Vise Technique – where you place a ball on antagonistic muscles (such as quad and hamstring) and release them simultaneously as you move through active range of motion.


Our revolutionary design is changing the way the world looks at mobility!  We are the first and only flat based ball in the world!  And we have a distinctive “flexion point” which allows the top of the ball to move with you.  So you can maintain constant contact on a trigger point while you are moving.  And the knife edges are great for digging into knots and self massage.


The Acumobility Ball makes the perfect travel companion!  Use it in the car, on a plane, in your hotel or anywhere you go!  The tacky texture grips any floor or wall surface, doors, racks and chairs.  Use a little dish soap and water to keep it clean.


Besides being used for mobility, the Acumobility Ball can be used for Upper Body Stability Exercises like push-ups, planks, yoga and anything else you can think of!


Our Founder and Chiropractor designed the Acumobility Ball to be everything you want in a mobility tool!  She has reinvented the wheel – literally – by adding a flat base so the ball stays in place.  And she designed it so your spine fits perfectly in between when you put 2 together.


The Acumobility Ball is made of 100% silicone and made in the USA!  The Silicone material is what gives it the perfect ability to move with you.  Silicone also naturally has a little give so it does not injure your muscles.

  • Improved muscle elasticity and length
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility
  • When coupled with Active mobilization exercises it can help to re-pattern faulty movement patterns and improve athletic performance
  • Reduced muscle soreness and restriction for better recovery
  • Trigger point and myofascial release
  • During stability and strength exercises, it challenges balance for increased proprioception
  • The LEVEL 1 Ball is made from a 15 durometer silicone material for MODERATE trigger point release.
  • Patent pending Non-slip flat base designed to keep the ball in place whether it is on the floor, wall or other surface.
  • Patent pending built in flexion point allowing the ball to move with you and maintain constant contact on a trigger point or tight muscle.
  • Unique grip design, which allows the ball to be used comfortably for self-massage and assisted massage.
  • When put together the balls provide a vice like function allowing a muscle to be pressed between the balls for lateral compression.
  • Perfect spacing to be used on the back with the spine sitting between the balls.The material is a food grade safe blend of silicone, which is incredibly durable and puncture resistant as well as kid and animal safe.
  • The ball can also be placed in the freezer overnight and used as a cool therapy tool for sore aching muscles.