About us


kascelmed are a retailer of premium value athletic medical brands to consumers, cycling retailers, sports retailers and sports medical practitioners in Ireland & the UK.

We are proudly mentored by our Local Enterprise Ireland office in south Dublin. 

We founded the company in Dublin in 2016 after a lifelong love of GAA, cycling, sports and sports nutrition. Identifying an opportunity in the market to supply superior quality value products to an ever-growing athletic medical sector.


All products have been extensively tried and tested by us, and also by amateur and professional athletes. For you this means improved performance, reduced time-out with injury and peace of mind that you are in safe hands. 


The kascelmed vision is to bring you the best quality athletic medical supplies at the best price, in the fastest time. 

We have partnered with industry leading innovative suppliers of massage lotions, sports tapes, and therapist hygiene products.  


We believe that being Irish really helps us to understand our customers. We know the Irish market because we live, work and train in it, and we understand the products we list because we use them too.


The team come from a variety of backgrounds before working in kascelmed (Physio Therapy, Ecommerce, Physical Therapy and Strength & Conditioning) everyone shares a love of sport, sports recovery, prehab, rehab and injury prevention. We are active participants in our local GAA, Rugby and Athletic clubs and love to take our bikes out at the weekend!