Premium QM Overnight Recuperation Cream

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QM Overnight muscle recuperation cream soothes muscles after a hard day, helping to reduce repair and recovery time. Penetrates the skin and is non-greasy, includes active essential oils of rosemary and lavender. 

  • Must-have for any athlete’s daily body care regime.
  • Creates a gentle warming sensation. 
  • Helps ease tired muscles after intense exercise.
  • Ideal for use just before you go to sleep - (non-greasy, does not stick to bed sheets) 
  • Improves blood flow to the muscles.
when to use

If you have a had a hard day training, or are doing a multi-day event, give yourself a recovery edge – this post-sport massage cream soothes and relaxes revitalize the muscles after exercise.

How to apply

Rub it on legs, arms, back and any other place that feels like the muscles have been getting a lot of use.

How does it work


  • Relaxing the muscles is super-important for recovery.
  • One of the principle reasons for massage and massage creams is to promote the flow of blood to the muscles. 
  • Better blood flow means better muscle repair and faster recovery.