Premium QM Post-Sport Muscle Recovery Massage Oil

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QM Post-Sport Muscle Recovery Oil is a Recuperating Oil for use after very-hard activity.

This is extreme recovery for extreme activity! Created specifically to relax aching body parts after extremely hard output. Our Oil has exceptional properties in removing  waste products from the muscles after really tough days.

How it works
  • The Oil soothes and refreshes through essential oils of; Aniseed, Lavender & Cypress in a cold-pressed base oil. 
  • Research shows that massage with this oil 2 hours after activity helps removes Lactic Acid 3x times faster from the muscles than passive rest.
When to use
  • Where you have had a very hard day training, or are doing a Multi-Day event, give yourself a recovery edge.
  • Our recovery Oil revitalizes the muscles so you can feel fresh to go hard again tomorrow!
How to use

Simply drizzle over the body part and knead with a mild to moderate pressure. QM oils can be used in combination with our massage creams as a base layer