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Premium QM Pre-sport Muscle Energizing Massage Oil 100ml Premium QM Massage Lotion No.1 - Warm 200ml pack of 5 resistance bands Speed Training Parachute Shuttle Acumobility ball
Pre-Sport Energising Oil is a Muscle Energising Oil for use before exercise to support your warm-up and promote suppleness. Whether you intend hitting it hard on your Bike, at the Gym or on the Pitch - you owe it to yourself to warm up properly. Natural ingredients Black Pepper, Pine and Mint give a light warming effect, energise and aid good circulation. Comes in Sturdy Aluminum Bottles No.1 Warming Massage Lotion is the perfect Pre-Exercise lotion to warm your Muscles in Mild Weather conditions. The Lotion stays in your muscle from the first minute of use, maintaining an even warming effect for 7 - 8 hours after application, even during activity. Non-Toxic, Skin Friendly, Plant Derived Natural Formula. No burning sensation active Ingredients Lavender & Peppermint keep the skin surface cool. Helps to prevent lactic acid build up, maximizing power to the muscles. Set of 5 x Professional Resistance Bands (Xtra-light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Xtra-heavy). Each band is: 12" (30 cm) long and 2" (5 cm) wide. Use our bands for integrated strength training or high-energy sports conditioning. They can be stretched repeatedly year after year, made from natural latex material which is kind to the environment. The Speed Training Parachute is a tool for speed and endurance training. Get more powerful leg drive, acceleration. It works simply - catching the wind to create resistance making the athlete work harder to make progress. Through parachute training athletes will develop increased take-off power and muscle strength, improving stride length and running form. The Precision training parachute is a must for athletes who want to increase speed and endurance. The Acumobility ball is the first and only flat based trigger point ball specifically made for active mobility! A technique where you put the muscle through its full range of motion as the ball stays in place on a specific trigger point, for a deep and effective release. The stable platform and tacky texture allows you to use the ball on any floor or wall surface so you can take your mobility anywhere you go. This all in one mobility and stability ball can be used for upper body strength exercises like push-ups and planks. It is also perfect for self massage and getting into all the hard to reach spots.
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