5 Metre Speed & Agility training ladder

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Professional speed & agility training ladder. 5 Metres long with 10 rungs

Ladders are a great inexpensive tool for footwork, speed work and to emphasise the differing mechanics of speed and agility. 

The ladders work not only the feet, but do a great job of connecting the mind and the body.  


You can also add extra agility work when exiting the ladders to fully emphasize the entire movement you just isolated.  For example, if you are doing high knees in the ladder, you can simply exit with a 3 metre sprint, now focusing on bringing the high knee pattern into your full sprint. 


These speed ladders incorporate flat, pro-style rungs rather than rounder shaped versions, meaning you’re less likely to trip and sustain injuries.

The nylon rungs are also fully adjustable so you can vary your training drills with smaller gaps for fast feet, larger gaps for stride patterns.

 Size: 5m  x 10 rungs