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kascelmed Foam Roller

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The kascelmed Foam Roller (33cm x14cm) is an essential training and recovery tool for all athletes.

The kascelmed guarantee  - We stand over the quality and durability of this great foam roller - it wont crack or break - it's built to last!

  • Ideal for Pilates, core, abs and back stabilisation and strengthening
  • Self massage your back, calf, hamstring, glutes and quads
Does foam rolling work?

If you’re still looking for evidence of the effectiveness of foam rolling, there are plenty of studies out there to convince you.

A review published in the International Journal of Sports Physical therapy* investigated the findings of 14 independent studies. They concluded that evidence suggested that foam rolling is effective for enhancing range of motion and pre and post exercise muscle performance.

A laboratory study carried out by a group of experts* examined eight active men, splitting them into two groups, both performing heavy squats with half of the participants foam rolling after exercise. The effects were measured via pressure-pain threshold, sprint speed (30-m sprint time), power (broad-jump distance), change-of-direction speed (T-test), and dynamic strength-endurance.

The experts found that the foam rolling group saw substantially improved quadriceps muscle tenderness in the days after fatigue. Substantial effects ranged from small to large in sprint time, power and dynamic strength-endurance.

Read more at https://www.cyclingweekly.com/fitness/foam-rollers-positive-effect-114038#SkjgllUM0YrfPLGr.99

  • Bumpy foam roller designed to massage aching muscles.
  • Flexible specially designed bumps act like the thumbs of a massage therapist.
  • Kneads the contours of the body, gently stretching soft tissue in multiple directions.
  • Erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility and brings quick relief to muscular pain.
  • The bumps are firmer than muscle tissue but softer than bone so deflect away on contact.

EVA+PVC(tube); Size:33*14cm; Weight: 900g