Premium QM +Anti friction Hygiene cream 200ml

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A hygiene cream for cycling shorts; helps to prevent saddle discomfort.

The QM Anti-friction Cream has anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal ingredients (tea tree & rosemary) meaning that the chance of infection is dramatically reduced.

QM Anti-friction cream + is on a beeswax base meaning it provides even more protection than our standard anti-friction cream

Why use 

Many wonder in today's world of synthetic and scientifically plush shammies, why anyone would need to invest in a cream also -  It's a good question, but one best answered by the experience of arriving home with a burning nether-regions after riding five days in a row. 

QM Sports Care Antifriction Cream is the solution and will prevent you from becoming sore and raw.

How to use

Apply the QM Sports Care Antifriction Cream to the chamois and/or directly to your skin, and you won't have to worry about your unmentionables suffering through your century rides.

When to use

When you open up the generously sized tub of Antifriction Cream, you'll see that it looks more like a Vicks vapor rub, than a cream. It has a slightly denser texture than Vicks, but it is easily spread on the nether regions. It doesn't tingle and isn't cooling. In fact you'll hardly notice it.

How does it work

Unlike some creams, the consistency of the QM Sports Care Anti-friction Cream helps prevent you from slipping around on a freshly treated chamois.

Friction is one scourge. Bacteria are another. Heavily rubbed skin in steamy hot, minimally ventilated area is always going to be a breeding ground for bacteria. And bacteria are what lead to the Oscar Freire or Tom Boonen season-ending, surgery-demanding saddle sores.

Excellent when used in conjunction with our Chamois cream range

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